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 Animal Reiki

Reiki is a complementary therapy for animals and most of them love Reiki! Treatments can be done at a distance or in person providing for the animals to receive Reiki in a variety of circumstances. A Reiki session can be adjusted depending of the environment of the animal. Animals benefit from Reiki sessions. Reiki is gentle and painless, can never cause harm, and is guided by spiritual consciousness. Reiki and the animal know what the animal needs and Reiki will adjust its energy to create an effect that is appropriate and beneficial.




  1. Reduces Stress

  2. Improves recovery from injury

  3. Improves recovery from surgery

  4. Reduces inflammation

  5. Symptoms or side effects from illness or ailments such cancer, skin problems, or

    broken bones

  6. Assists with physical comfort in aging, injured or ill animals



  1. May assist with behavioral problems such as excessive barking and separation


  2. Issues resulting from abuse or mistreatment

  3. Animal compassion fatigue

  4. Support with veterinary care



  1. Increase in life force vitality

  2. Increased peace

  3. Renewed sense of purpose

  4. Assists during Compassionate Euthanasia

  5. Assists with their end-of-life support


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I am able to visit and work with your pet or farm animal in and around Santa Fe, NM

In-person session cost- $100. Treatment time varies. Some animals need a very short time and integrate the Animal Reiki quickly. The average session will last 30 minutes,

Sessions via Zoom- $75 Session time will vary based on the need and mood of animal!

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