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60 minute personalized treatment  $85


90 minute specialized treatment  $120


After discussing your needs for the session, I will use a combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage. If you like, I will diffuse a beautiful aromatherapy blend to encourage your relaxation. Your direction will enable me to find the level of pressure that brings you deep comfort and healing. My intention is to end each session with you feeling peaceful and light as a feather!


Add-on 15 minute sound therapy  $25

Allow the sound and vibration of the Himalayan and Japanese  bowls to lull you to a blissful state before or after your massage.


(505) 603-0820


I went to Margo for some serious neck and shoulder pain. I’d had other massages before, but they were not therapeutic ones so I was not sure what to expect. Margo took the time to talk with me and understand the issue I was experiencing before beginning the massage. I was amazed at how much relief I got just from the first massage! I have continued to use Margo for other muscle pain and tension and each time I have experienced immediate and long-lasting relief. She is extremely knowledgeable and creates an atmosphere that is both professional and comfortable (and comforting!).         Sara S



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